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 Tree and Plaque Dedication Ceremony at the 


held on the 31.01.06

One hundred members and friends attended the above ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall.  The Society's Honorary President, Ellisa Lanza Bregman and her husband Bobby attended.  It was an unforgettable day with our guests, Mark Kidel, the producer of the TV documentary, "Singing to the Gods",  Jonathan Mannering representing his father, Derek, Mario's biographer, and David Elliott, Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Albert Hall all gave speeches in their praise and admiration of Mario. Members also came from Italy and Germany for the occasion.

Ellisa gave a lovely speech in her appreciation of the work of the Society and our continued work in keeping the memory of her father alive.  (Bobby kept himself busy by taking his own snaps!)

Mario's CD of his Albert Hall appearance played in the background and William Earl, Chairman of the Educational Foundation spoke of his memories of seeing Mario at the RAH, and how the tickets had very quickly sold out and so more seating was provided at the back of Mario on the stage, and Mario had to brush past him every time he walked to and fro the stage, which today still remains in his memory.  Mario giving an unforgettable performance.

The two trees and the plaque replaced ones planted exactly ten years ago following an idea by member, Louise Graham, unfortunately these had to be removed due to alterations of the surrounding area of the RAH by the Westminster council.  It was most fitting therefore, that Louise was in attendance for the new ceremony which took place on what would have been Mario's eighty-fifth birthday.  

(Update: October 2015.  I am reliably informed that these trees are alive and well and flourishing)





Informal GTG Lunch in Celebration of Mario, for BMLS members.
(Please note: This event is now handled separately and booked via a Society member, not the BMLS Chairman. For more details please contact via the usual email)
The Centre Page, St Paul's London
12.00 - 5.00pm

26 May

Educational Foundation Awards

A musical treat!

Approximately ten student singers from the Birmingham Conservatoire compete for a prize of 1,000, 500 and  300.   If you love to hear a high standard of singing, do come along.  

Entry to Awards: 4.00

(members of the public are allowed in for the Awards)

Report on the  2017  Awards



Birmingham Conservatoire






 19/20/21 OCTOBER





Annual Get-together 



held Friday-Sunday  

October of each year.

(Join us now to enable you to attend our very friendly and happy GTG)


Woodlange Grange Hotel

Old Milverton Lane

Leamington Spa


CV32 6RN

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